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Original recipe

refined tequila

Alma de Agave” is, an estate farm produced Blue Weber agave tequila. Organically aired-fermented with its proprietary blend of natural yeast and mineral water from the highlands of Jalisco. Naturally aged in Canadian white-oak barrels.

“Alma” is a small batched and doubled pot-distilled tequila which produces low-level methanol juices, thus creating a truly ultra-premium tequila.

Every drop is ice-filtered to stabilize the alcohols and create a smoother, crisp profile with full body flavor and finally oxygenated for 12 hours before bottling to release any harsh fumes.

No two bottles are the same. “Alma” hand-molds every bottle. This artistry package also includes caoba carbed wood caps.

Natural Ingredients


Slowly Produced


Smooth Taste


Authentic Craftsmanship

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